First Forays

Into the Palace of Orcus

The paladin and invoker stepped aside to discuss the legalities of killing a necromancer, but Aginor—in what seems to be a trend—cut the discussion short by stabbing. The necromancer turned out to be a vampire, tougher than expected, and he cast domination on Aginor. But Junior charged in and Jebediah followed, and the vampire fled before the Chosen of Pelor.
The party searched for the gatekeeper’s phylactery but found nothing of interest, except three non-magical jeweled rings. They rested for a few hours, while Aginor recovered from the vampire’s bite. Once everyone was refreshed, Jebediah prayed to Pelor, asking which of the ten portals to choose; the answer that Jeb relayed was “The last portal, and go forth boldly in the name of Pelor!” Junior commanded his blade to shine brightly and he strode through the portal, with the rest of the party behind.
On the other side was a long room, with half a dozen doors on the walls left and right, and a broad stair at the end. In the center was the statue of a demon; at the far end were two undead ogres. Junior and Aginor immediately charged the ogres; the side doors opened and zombies began shambling out; and the demon statue came to life and attacked the squishies. Jeb turned out not to be all that squishy, Manishtu casually slid the gargoyle back and forth, Audrie handed out healing and extra attacks, and Aginor demolished one ogre while Junior kept the other one locked down.
With all the monsters down, Jeb investigated the side doors, and discovered that each had a long passageway behind it, with what seemed an infinite supply of zombies slowly ambling toward the main room. Jeb left one door open and happily stood there, popping zombies, until the rest of the party was ready to go.
Aginor checked out the stairs, which led to a short hallway and double doors. About the time he got there, a large stone golem burst through, followed by a giant insectile creature. At the same time, a dozen zombies burst through the doors and surrounded each of the heroes. Things looked grim as the zombies attacked…but then Jebediah spoke a Radiant Word, and all the zombies burned in the light. With only the two main opponents left, the fight proceeded quickly. Manishtu’s spear dragged one enemy into position, Junior got its attention, and then Audrie supervised as Aginor and Jebediah smote it with steel and light. The bug ordered us to leave, claiming that otherwise we would spoil what Orcus and Vecna were working on; that was just before Manishtu yanked him into the room to receive his beating. Audrie finished the insect with a deft arrow shot.


MrG33kboy Runehorn

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