First Forays

To the Dragon Cave

Upon passing through the South door, we found ourselves facing north, and outside among trees—possibly somewhere in the Feywild, although the pixie explained that this was not the Forest of Arden “because if it was there’d be lots more smoke and ash and stuff, and, not as many, um, actual trees, but I didn’t burn it all down, and besides a forest needs a fire every now and again, it clears the underbrush, so I was really helping.” Stonebreaker said that the trees seemed to be watching us. As we moved cautiously down the path to the East door, four sapling ents blocked Stoney and Audrie. The pixie sped back to them, introduced himself as a Sarifal feywarden, and claimed to have been sent by the Court of Stars on a mission to the temple of Corellon. The ents called for their leader, a giant ent named Frostbeard. Audrie took over the explanations, and Frostbeard allowed us to pass, after we promised to slay the dragon beyond the door.
The door led us back into a dwarfish cavern, with four square floor sections suspended over a pit, with a 20ft gap between each section. Arradon risked his life by climbing down the side of one floor section and slithering across the greased rail connecting it to the next floor. When he laid a hand on the second section, the mechanism activated, and guardians appeared: frost harpies and frost witches. As we attacked, the floor sections slid to new positions, nearly throwing Arradon into the abyss. He hastily scrambled up the side. As one of the harpies leapt from one section to another, Audrie intercepted it with Staffering Note, knocking it into the pit. Inspired, Stoney slammed another into the pit, while the pixie set them on fire before blasting them off with thunder. Aginor settled for hacking his foe down with his blades. The platforms stopped moving with most of the party still unableto get to the door due to the gaps between floor sections; however, while the part caught their breath and bandaged their wounds, the pixie drew a magic circle and summoned a floating disk, and used it to ferry the rest of the party.
Beyond the next door lay the white dragon Bitterstrike and her vassals.


Remember Frostbeard’s advice.

To the Dragon Cave
MrG33kboy Runehorn

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