First Forays

Portal Crossroads

With Volkare’s captors dead, the party discussed whether to let the general continue as a vampire, or to send him on to his afterlife. Aginor quickly got bored with the conversation and slew Volkare with two quick strokes. The pixie bid farewell to the ghost captain, and then decided to hibernate in one of Audrie’s pockets. The party opened the portal in the chamber and went through.
On the other side was a trail leading to a portal nexus, with nearly a dozen portals. Facing them was a tiny hamlet of squalid huts, lean-tos and shacks. At irregular intervals travelers, including demons, would pop out of one portal and disappear into another. As the party approached, the undead gatekeeper accosted them. (Donarr—who was upset with both Audrie and Aginor—took advantage of the distraction to slip through a portal on his own). The conversation with the gatekeeper deteriorated rapidly, ending when the gatekeeper summoned two plague zombies and an undead purple worm to deal with the intruders. The worm promptly swallowed Miggins whole. This left only Audrie and Aginor to beat off the undead attack.
The situation looked dire, but then two figures stepped through a portal: one in the robes of Pelor’s priests, the other a heavily armored knight with a shining sword and the sun-marked shield of Pelor. The paladin quickly saw the party and cried out in a ringing voice, “Hey! You Awdreh? Hey Jeb, Ah reckon that’s Awdreh and Aggy-nor!” He charged the gatekeeper, and the invoker followed, smiting the undead with divine radiance. Moments later and rather upstaged, a shardmind avenger stepped out of cover and attacked the zombie worm. The adventurers quickly dispatched the gatekeeper lich and his two minions, then focused on the worm. The beast swallowed the shardmind twice, although the avenger quickly escaped both times; it then swallowed Aginor, who simply hacked his way out.
The newcomers were the shardmind avenger Manishtu, who didn’t really say much about why he was there; Jebediah, a drow invoker of Pelor; and Junior, a half orc paladin. The latter two hailed from the area around the Tower of Pelor, and said that the abbot had charged them to find and aid “those nice people who were here the other day about the elemental stones.” With introductions done, the party began looking for the lich’s phylactery and any other items of interest. What they found was a necromancer, hiding in one of the shacks nearby. The man offered them a propositon: he would tell them the right portal to use, and give them potions to temporarily mask them as undead so Orcus wouldn’t detect them; in exchange, they would retrieve a necklace from Orcus’ treasure room for him.


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