First Forays

Into Phaervorul

A dark elf city in dark times.

After seeing the drow and undead facing off, and killing them all; the adventurers continue in the direction that Audrie identifies as “home”. Hoping that this is finally the way to defeat the threat that had been prophesied, Audrie, Aginor, and Manishtu quietly make their way down a tunnel labeled with an elvish glyph.
As they walked Aginor absent-mindedly swatted at a rat with his sword when it polymorphed into a male drow and hailed the group. The drow identified himself as Penx, a free thinker who was hoping to escape from the harsh matriarchy of the drow. He was hoping he could leave with the adventurers, and since they perceived no real threat, Aginor reluctantly acquiesced.


Penx led the way into the city of Phaevorul pausing to the led surface-dwellers marvel at the titanic cavern, and magically reinforced bridge spanning the 100-foot chasm that protects the city. As the group crossed the bridge they were ambushed by a guardian spider and a group of shunned – drow cursed to be half spider, a mockery of driders. The group slaughtered them quickly.

The adventurers took a few minutes to survey the city. The saw flames and smoke in every direction, with the only obviously untouched building being a large spider-shaped structure in the rear center of the city. The group decided to start there.
As the group passed through the ruins of the housing district in the center of the city, they came upon squads of undead drow being led by vrocks and ghouls, destroying anything they find, and killing all they come across. Also nearby was a breach into the Abyss, which reached out to any hurt characters and made them disappear temporarily.


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