First Forays

Chronicles of an Evil Genius, abridged

adapted from the journey logs of Lord Skyler von Scoranck

So I’ve continued my glorious quest, along with Sharheer, the paladin of Bahamut I’ve duped allied with for our mutual benefit. Over the course of two days we encountered four mercenaries and I agreed to hire them, although one, “Lucius,” is arrogant and will not honor the agreed-upon terms. The indignity! If anyone is doing any cheating around here, I should be cheating, not getting cheated! But on the honor of the House of Von Scoranck, I should not need to cheat, so I paid his blackmail with rage in my heart. But I am getting ahead of myself…

Once the six of us had allied, we came upon a ruined town where a small force of demons had been searching for something. From the look of the place, and their behavior when we encountered them, they had not yet found what they were looking for. Yet after repelling the demons, we discovered a treasure cache with the mark of the lich-god Vecna, opened and empty of treasure. Clearly someone had gotten to it before the demons…

Curious and smelling treasure, we followed the search party’s tracks, discovered a camp, and prepared an ambush. Searching the camp we then found an entrance to a labyrinth beneath the Shadowfell — perhaps the legendary Shadowdark. There we defeated demons, undead and stranger creatures. One, before it was killed, ranted, “You’ll never find the grand treasure beneath this labyrinth!” Intriguing…

Of our party, Morgan and Hunger are accomplished warlocks, Jinne is an elven rogue type who fights, quite well with string, Sharheer remains a doughty paladin whose radiant techniques are invaluable against the undead, I am of course a tactical genius, and Lucius is a transcendent expert at getting himself killed. It is only because of my genius that it took him so long to accomplish this. Afterwards, Morgan raised him from the dead with the promise that he would owe him. Hahahahaha… I can hardly wait to see what comes of that!

A death knight type thing we fought stole from Hunger some kind of magical book, without which, he explained, he could not use his powers. Undaunted, after resting, we proceeded to battle a dragon, who was hiding a magical book. I was captured cleverly snuck in to discovered this, and, quixotically shielded by the dragon’s illusion-magic, I opened the book to find I admit nothing!

Subsequently, we found Hunger in a stupor, and emerged from the labyrinth, only to be scattered by the assault of a dragon. I Sharheer was badly wounded by the dragon’s undead minions, and for fear of my his life, the two of us fled together. Of the fate of the mercenaries, I do not know.


MrG33kboy AetherS

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