First Forays

Chaging Course

Aginor scooped up the Elemental Eye of Death and stowed it away, then helped Audrie fill her cloak’s pockets with treasure. while Jebediah gathered his share and Junior’s, while Manishtu and Junior stood guard. That done, Audrie opened the portal to the crossroads where we’d slain Orcus’ gatekeeper; we crossed over to the portal Jeb and Junior had used to join the party, and went back to the Tower of Pelor.

As we rested, Manishtu had a vision from Ioun that we needed to help prevent an invasion from the Underdark under Thunderspire. We portaled to the tower of Nimazaren the Green, lead wizard of Fallcrest, and showed him the Styx water; then we went to the temple of Pelor, where Jebediah preached a fiery sermon about the dangers of the drow and the need to defend against them. Junior gave the Styx water to the high priest there; Aginor tried soaking his Void Prison in holy water, with Junior making helpful comments like “Reckon you ought to put some bleach in it?” The Void Prison showed no effect,

We marched from Fallcrest to Thunderspire, where we found rumors flying. The governing council of wizards had apparently all departed in haste amid word of an impending invasion. We found a map in one of the wizards’ chambers, and followed it into the Underdark, as Junior and Jeb debated whether consecrating an Endless Flask would give you a permanent stream of holy water or not. and if you could just leave it on its side with water running out and eventually flood the Underdark, and how many bottles would you need, or whether you should go to the bottom of the Underdark and boil the water as a sort of holy steam cleaner. The discussion never reached a conclusion, as it was interrupted by an ambush.

An Eye of Flame beholder had set up on an islet in the middle of a small lava pond, with half a dozen of its minions laying in wait around the chamber entrance. Junior spotted the threat and immediately charged the beholder; Aginor followed him along the walkway, and the two of them quickly dispatched the abberation. Jeb’s radiant invocations and Manishtu’s spear finished off most of the rest.

We followed the tunnel, and came to a large cavern, over a hundred feet wide, with a drider one way, a ghoul the other way, and some drow scattered about. Junior enaged the drider, Aginor charged the ghoul’s group…and then Jebediah sauntered into the middle of the cave and cast Pure Glow, which killed a few of the enemy outright and seriously wounded the rest. Jebediah tried to persuade the surviving drow to convert to Pelor, the Death God, and be spared, but they were fatally inflexible and kept fighting. Jeb and Aginor polished off the ghoul group, while Audrie and Junior dealt with the drider and its drow. Manishtu hardly bothered to raise his spear.

Junior and Jeb raced off down a side tunnel, in hopes of finding drow for Jeb to convert. The rest of the party continued.


MrG33kboy Runehorn

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