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First Forays

This adventure began with six level 1 characters off to see the city of Iridia on the Festival of Lights. It didn’t take long for events to unravel dividing the party and setting them forth on a much larger adventure. Some of those who were there in the beginning are still moving forward with unfettered vigor.

Many others have been called, or at least wandered, into the journey—some for very short periods, some for death.


The Spider Queen is not only ambitious, but deadly. It is apparent that her touch is upon every evil in this part of the realm. As the party grows closer to the Temple of Correllon, and who knows what else, they still have to finish healing the Tower of Pelor and then head to the Hammer of Moradin.

Meanwhile, the party is being challenged internally. New adventurers continue to arrive, allegiances are stretched, and losses are being felt. Lloth will press her advantage whenever she has opportunity. The party is encountering soldiers trained to use Lloth-based powers. What does the Spider Queen have in store next?

Main Page

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