First Forays

The Journal of Arradon pt 5
I really want to hurt someone for this

Day Five (con’t)

So, we started through the door. I am barely through before I notice an altar with a young dragonborn lying across it with a statue of a dragon overlooking it. I recognized Rhogar from a few weeks ago. Then I noticed a few guys standing around in the room.
I fired my crossbow at one of them, killing him. As I rushed to check on Rhogar, I was attacked by another guy with a spear.
On the other side of the statue, Stonebreaker slaughtered two of the guards. Then Pinecone was able to kill a third guy. Keyleth’s flaming sword cleaved through the last two guards.
As I checked Rhogar, some curtains in a doorway flew open and a few new guards came through. We were able to make quick word of the kobolds. Rhogar woke up shortly after that.
As we explored the place, we found several more altars and sacred rooms. Granted, we split up for the search, but we were able to cover a lot of the ground that way. (this ended up being a bad thing later on) We also found a dragon.
It was a fairly big snow dragon that towered over all of us. I could see the gold that the dragon lay on, and I admit to wanting to take the lot of it. However, I wish to live. Therefore, we spoke to the Dragon and we were able to pass through. We even learned that the Tiefling we were sent to find had pissed off the Dragon, Farralax. Farralax gave me a really nice piece of armor in order to help us.
As we entered the room beyond the Dragon, we met a goblin. The guy threw a knife at me, and it landed right at my feet. He was only five feet away from me. HOW DO YOU MISS AT THAT DISTANCE!?! Not that I want to get him by a nasty goblin daggar, but seriously, how do you miss? I shot him in the arm. Okay, not my own best shot, but I still nailed the sucker.
We fought through him and found a bugbear when Keyleth opened the door at the other end of the room. Rhogar, impetuous and young as he is, decided to open another door to find a flanking path.
He found a storage room with two goblins. I decided to help the young guy because I was not doing anything to the bugbear. Rhogar attacked one guy, and I jumped in to kill the other. My sword cut through the guy and splashed him with acid. I really like this sword. It wasn’t a long before Stonebreaker joined me and helped slaughter the guy.
Then I heard someone swear from the other room, so I rushed to see what was going on.
I entered the room and saw the bugbear on the ground, a nice ax lying next to him. Keyleth stood in the open doorway. Pinecone and his dog were charging through the door. Beyond the door was a room that looked like an alchemist’s workspace. I noticed the Tiefling and a few skeletons. But the thing that really caught my attention and really pissed the hell out of me was a giant ogre looking thing.
I watched as it approached Pinecone and swung at him.
Pinecone and the dog flew through the air with the greatest of ease, and not under their own power.
All hell broke loose. I have very little recollection of what followed except that Stonebreaker and the dog attacked the skeletons. Keyleth ended up in the room beyond the bugbear with Pinecone. Rhogar and I were securing rooms to stop the attacking undead.
Pinecone is alive, but it wasn’t a sure thing.
I don’t know who opened that door, but when I find out. It will not be a good day. Let me just say that. I know that Rhogar was in the room with me. Stonebreaker could have done it, but I doubt he would have left such obvious foes in order to help me kill that goblin. If it was Pinecone, I have a boot with his name on it. If it was Keyleth, I will show her just how much I don’t trust elves. Sure, I may be an elf, but I trust our kind as far as my dagger will stab through a brick.
Gods help me, I want to kill someone.

The Journal of Arradon pt 4.5
Flashing Back

The Super Amazing Tale of How Arradon the Cunning met Stonebreaker the Mighty
(As recounted by Arradon the Elf and Stonebreaker the Warforged to Pinecone the Pixie on the road to the subterranean Lolth lair under Melora’s abandoned temple a day’s journey north of Cravensfeld)

I was travelling through the wilderness between my old city of Rest to the city of Iridia. Traveling through the moors at evening, I found myself across the field from a pair of dire rats. Wanting to avoid the diseases that they carry, I pulled out my trusty hand crossbow. I fired on the lead rat as I tried to walk past them. I hoped that the rats would flee from the potential danger. Unfortunately, as I stepped up onto a slight rise nearby, the rats followed, and a group of lizardmen showed up.
I holstered the crossbow and pulled out my dagger, knowing that trouble would be unavoidable. Of course, the lizardmen all rushed up to me and started hitting me with clubs. I was introduced to levels of pain I had not felt since that bully Mellicent used to call me ‘runt’ and use me as her personal punching bag. On the ground, I still tried to knife my attackers. Unfortunately, there were six of them and only one of me.
As I was getting ready to pray for Erevan to accept my soul as a good pickpocket. Thankfully, (as I found out later) Melora was sending Stonebreaker to help me. That reminds me, I still have to give something to Erevan for not taking my soul. I guess I owe Melora, too.
Anyway, Stonebreaker arrived and, with his mighty axe, he cleaved through the lizardmen who wanted to kill me. Working together, though I will admit that Stonebreaker did most of the work, we made short work of the lizardmen. Stonebreaker just could not miss. I was really impressed. Unfortunately, one of the lizardmen ran away toward some rocks a good distance away from us.
Helping me up, Stonebreaker introduced himself, and I introduced myself, asking if he knew of a bar. I was a little out of it, having nearly died. Thankfully, Stonebreaker had a potion that reinvigorated me and healed some of the heinous wounds inflicted upon me. Knowing that a lizardman escaped, we decided that it was better to end its life. I wanted revenge, I admit it.
We found that the rocks provided shelter for a small house, the door was broken down. Inside, we saw a lady and three lizardmen. Stoney rushed in to attack the lizardmen, and I pulled out my hand crossbow to take them down. Then, I saw something amazing. The Eladrin woman raised a staff, and several bolts shot out of the end. The three lizardmen were all hit. She may have retreated behind a table, but I tell you that she showed no fear in the face of the enemy. She simply aimed her staff and continued to blast the lizardmen. Stonebreaker put his axe to good use, and I will say that his strikes destroyed one of the lizardmen.
Meanwhile, I was standing in the doorway firing bolts. I saw an opportunity. I rushed forward, rolling up to the lady’s table. After returning to my knees, I fired a bolt through the eye-socket of the last lizardman.
The Eladrin sorceress turned to us and demanded to know if we were enemies. Stonebreaker had similarly demanded to know if she was friend or foe.
I don’t blame her for being angry, we had busted into her house and started killing things. However, I did not want to die, so I tried to get the huge stone and wood construct to lower his axe. We explained to the sorceress that I had been attacked by the lizardmen and simply sought to kill the runaway. Thankfully, she accepted our story.
At that moment, a young Dragonborn rushed into the house. He and the Eladrin, who identified herself as Meriele, came close to blows because he had simply burst into the room with no regard to identifying himself. He simply looked over the bodies, and started spouting about a nearby town. Rhogar, we eventually learned his name, finally explained that he was not our foe, and that he had been chasing the lizardmen as well.
We decided to follow Rhogar back to the town. There, I hoped to get more information about the lizardmen and kill more of them. In the town, we found an inn. The Innkeeper had some information, saying that the lizardmen had been a menace for travelers in that area for a long time. It is believed that they are holed up in tunnels that are to the east of the town. I thanked him for the information, and started getting wildly drunk. I may be brave and adventurous, but I am not going to take on a nest of lizardmen sober.
Before, I could start on my way back to the wilds to take on the lizards, I was reminded by Rhogar that I had wanted to be monetarily compensated. That put a damper on my plan. We decided to approach a merchant and get a paying gig. The merchant was agreeable to paying us for escorting him for a day trip to another town. He would leave in the morning.
The next day, the four of us met the merchant and we started on the road. We were a few hours into the journey when we were attacked by lizardmen. Thankfully, it wasn’t an ambush. However, it was a mess. The only thing that went right was that none of our party died. In the end, we killed the lizardmen, but it was horrible. Rhogar and Stonebreaker simply rushed the enemies. Yes, they were successful in killing them, but there was no working together. Meriele was able to kill her targets and I also made my mark. However, we nearly lost the merchant. Only his quick snap of the reigns and his horses rushing off saved his life. It was a victory, but it was rather pathetic.
As we caught up to the wagon, we all agreed that we needed to be better prepared if we were ambushed again. We agreed that Stonebreaker and Rhogar would provide a wall protecting the wagon while Meriele and I found good spots to pick off enemies and protect the wagon and merchant. Truthfully, I hoped that we would not need the strategy. The merchant scoffed us for a while because he thought that having a plan was stupid because we were obviously clear of danger.
The second group of lizardmen wiped his smug grin off of his face. We put the plan in action because we had a group of six attacking us, and two of them did not look like the typical lizardman.
Thankfully, the plan worked. Of course, Rhogar decided to attack a lizardman who came after me in the trees, leaving Stonebreaker alone. But he is practically a kid, who can blame him for breaking the plan. I can, that’s who.
Just kidding, the kid did a good job, and saved my backside from a nasty lizard.
Stonebreaker did not really need a lot of help. His axe kept finding flesh to embed itself into.
Meriele, for her part, kept hitting our enemies with her staff’s bolts, which she said spread chaos through the enemies. The bolts coming out of her staff lit up the evening.
Finally, the marauders lay on the ground dead.
We arrived the next day with the merchant, and let me tell you, he was not disappointed.
Feeling that I had some good revenge on the lizards, I found the road that would take me to Iridia, a twelve day journey. Thankfully, I would not be alone. Stonebreaker joined me because he had heard the tales of the spiders and he wanted to kill them all. I asked if the others wanted to join us. They both refused. Meriele wished to return to her home, feeling that she had stopped the lizards from bothering her. Rhogar said he was looking for more foes to vanquish, so he went off in his own direction.
I won’t say that I miss them, but I really wouldn’t mind meeting them again.

More Tales of High Adventure
The Long Journey of Stonebreaker

The Life of Stonebreaker started as one filled with slavery, pain, rage, and death. However, after Stonebreaker freed himself and his kin he set out to find a new purpose. For three years, he wandered the wilderness aimlessly. When he would chance upon a human settlement, he would avoid it, for the time he spent in slavery to a human left a bitter prejudice and fury. He would only find solace in the deep wilds and in the company of animals. They acted on instinct and were drawn to Stonebreaker. Out of curiosity animals would follow the stone warrior. Many dark creatures would sense his strength and flee until his passing. Other, foolish creatures would test themselves against him and pay the ultimate price. Stone does not yield to flesh. During his travels, he gained an inner piece that had long been buried. And so, Stonebreaker remained in calming solitude of the wilderness for many years.

The Journal of Arradon pt 4
Into the Ruins

Day Four (con’t)
Well, we went through Cravensfeld. It was a nice small town where we were able to get some free time from each other. Also learned that most people don’t go to the Lingering Gardens because that may be where the spiders are located.
While we were on the road to the north, we met the Orc that got away from our earlier fight. He had two spiders with him. He seemed to be waiting for us. So he attacked us. I was so happy to catch one of the spiders in the eyes with a dagger that I threw. We were so able to own these three. Stoney killed the last spider but just stomping on the thing’s head. It was great.

Day Five
Today, we had to abandon the cart. We rode the horses through the forest and found the ruins of a temple or palace. We aren’t quite sure yet what it is. We decided to check it out, and Pinecone pointed out that the symbol on the wall was Melora’s symbol. Stonebreaker found a stairway and door into a basement.
We went down and found the place we were looking for. The place from the map we found on the dead orcs. As we entered the underground place, we were attacked by some goblins. It took a while but we were able to beat them and a guy who was able to create a cloudy mist and become invisible. That’s right, we beat a guy who can use magic. Good job, team.
After beating the guys, all of the doors slammed shut. Stoney is working on breaking through the doors.
I don’t know if I want to be here.

The Journal of Arradon Pt 3
LOLTH! Heck no!

Day Two (con’t) (con’t) or Day Three, maybe, I lost track of time
Well the rest didn’t last long. Thankfully, we were able to enjoy Pinecone’s rousing tale about Gnash the Orc and Chamomile, who was a half-Orc friend of Gnash’s. It was really nice. That Pixie knows some good tales. I hope we can survive long enough for him to make some stories up about us.
So, we started down the tunnel. It was insane. The tunnel was long, but we didn’t meet a spider until we turned a corner. We all thought there might be a spider there so we weren’t too surprised. It attacked Stonebreaker and we all jumped the thing. Then another spider jumped down at us, and attacked us. We killed the first spider, but the second knocked down Pinecone. I missed my attack on the thing, but Stoney was able to split the spider in half.
It was several minutes later when we found an open area with a large iridium room beyond it. Inside was a terrifying cross between a giant spider and, I think, a Drow. He was standing next to a man. The Drow/Spider thing was roughing up the old man. There was another spider sitting in the corner.
I would have liked to leave everything alone, but Pinecone decided to charge the corner spider. The spider shot a web at Pinecone, catching him and pulling him and the dog toward it. We all attacked the spider. Stonebreaker and Keyleth rushed to the corner spider, and I fired a crossbow bolt at it. Unfortunately, my bolt bounced off. The others were then caught up in the webbing. As we fought the spider, the Drow/Spider thing kept harassing the old man, throwing him around. We tried to kill the spider but that thing was tough. The Drow/Spider thing decided that it had enough, and started summoning a portal. I tried to get the Drow/Spider, but unfortunately the two spiders got away.
The old guy turned out to be the Lord Regent. He told us that for the last three hundred and sixty eight years he has been sacrificing a noble to the the spiders who are controlled by Lolth. We offered to help him and he told us that if we travelled to the Cravensfeld then went north we would arrive at the Lingering Gardens where a Tiefling would help us.
We were given a good treatment by the Lord Regent. I also found a good sword in a painting that Pinecone saw before we talked to the Lord Regent. It is a really nice short sword.

Day Three
Nothing really happened except meeting the Captain of the Guard and getting some horse and a carriage for the journey to Cravensfeld. One of the horses is really nice. I named it Debbie. Keyleth named the other one Oliver.

Day Four
We just survived an attack by Orcs. I don’t feel so good. I am pretty sure that I nearly died. The attack started with an arrow hitting out carriage. I stupidly jumped off the cart and ran towards an orc. It was not my best idea. Suddenly I was hit by two Orcs in front of me and other Orcs around us. I didn’t know we were surrounded at the time. Pinecone and Stonebreaker was able to help me. Keyleth held her own very well.
I think that there is a town up ahead.

The Journal of Arradon pt 2
Stonebreaker gets his wish

Day Two (con’t):
Well, that was an interesting day. Started the day watching one of the most incredible sights and now I am stuck in a basement with that crazy Deborah lady. Thanks a lot Pinecone for meeting her. That Pixie is more useful than you’d think.
Okay, so we met a new Elf today named Keyleth. I think I’ve heard that name before, but I can’t really say.
We were all enjoying the wonder of the rainbows, when Pinecone announced that he was hungry, and I was kind of peckish myself, so we sought food. Also found an alehouse on the West Road run by a Dragonborn where the ale was good, but the wine sucked. The Captain also paid a visit being mean and threatening.
We decided to walk around the town, and check out the fun.
In the East end of town, we came across a merchant and an old lady having an altercation and Pinecone rushed in to help. That was when we met Deborah. I am not exactly sure what the problem was, because Pinecone was closer, but she gave a warning about Gardens. Then she walked away.
A few hours later, we had learned that the parade that normally happens on the second day would take place today. Everyone had a weird feeling. Yours truly included. Apparently, it’s the feeling that most people got on the day leading up the spider appearance. We also learned that the city was laced with underground tunnels that the servants used to use to get around town.
We decided that we wanted to check out the tunnels so we sought out Deborah who knew about the tunnels. Having heard that she lived in the South part of town, we made our way to find the crazy old bat. We arrived on South street to see that merchants were being rounded up by city guards and led out of the Gate. We weren’t sure if we wanted to get involved, and the guards ignored us anyway.
Then the parade started passing by. Stonebreaker and Keyleth decided that they wanted to check out the parade, but Pinecone and I continued looking for Deborah’s house. As we passed by an alleyway, I felt like someone or something was watching so I decided to check out the alley. Pinecone followed but we weren’t able to see anything in the alleyway.
Then we looked up.
The spider attacked us and we fought back. It was only a few seconds before we realized that we were surrounded by the spiders. Thankfully Stonebreaker and Keyleth came in and we found ourselves in a battle with more spiders than I wanted to see.
Don’t get me wrong, we did pretty good. We were able to kill a lot of spiders. Stonebreaker even got an incredible hit on a spider, smashing his ax through its head. The whole affair was overwhelming.
I found a door and entered the house, hoping for a way away from the spiders.
Hey, I may have come to the city with the intention of fighting spiders, but I expected to have a few more days to prepare for the battle. I don’t want to die in this city. I want to live to a ripe old age of 750. I’m too young to die, I’ve barely broken my first century, dang it.
So, I checked out the little house to make sure that I would not be skewered by a rightfully angered homeowner. Examining the room, I found that a trapdoor was hidden in the corner with a trigger in a wine bottle.
I was torn because my compatriots were still locked in battle. Only Pinecone had joined me in the room.
Well, not knowing where it led, I pulled the bottle and plunged through the hole as Keyleth entered the room.
Suddenly I landed in the basement and Deborah was sitting in the corner. As I moved to examine the room, I heard Keyleth drop down behind me. I found a new door in the corner of the basement. Keyleth went to Deborah, who explained that she came down to the basement every year for the spider attack. When asked where the tunnel led, she said that she would not go down the tunnel.
As I debated whether to try the tunnel or not, Pinecone’s dog dropped into the basement. I don’t know what happened to Pinecone, but it was a few second later when Stonebreaker and Pinecone came down.
We decided to take a rest for a bit, and so here I am telling you, Journal, what happened.
To say that it has been a crazy day would be a massive understatement. So, why do I feel like we are in more trouble than when we were upstairs.

A tale of High Adventure
The Tales of StoneBreaker

This is a chronicle of the Warforged known as Stonebreaker. He is so named for his years spent crushing rock and gem in the quarries of a far off and forgotten land. It is believed that Stonebreaker was constructed in the Mournland as an instrument of warfare. This purpose was never satisfied as he and a great number of his kin were secretly sold to a rich and powerful mine owner. They were forced into slavery by their malevolent owner. He forced them to work the mines until they broke-down or were trapped by cave-ins, left to die. During those hard years, Stonebreaker and his kin grew restless and filled with rage. They grew weary of their owner’s neglect. This was the Mine owner’s folly. Inciting the rage of the Warforged would prove to be a fatal mistake. The few Warforged that remained rose up to break their bonds and fought for their freedom. The Warforged turned their hammers and pickaxes against their masters. They slew their masters and plundered the mine making it their own. With their master gone and vengeance wrought the Warforged made new lives for themselves. Many stayed in the mine for lack of a greater purpose. However, Stonebreaker still burned with anger and left the mines. He traveled far to escape his past and sought to explore the known world and beyond. So began the tale of Stonebreaker, one of rage, death and the fight for freedom. So begins a tale of high adventure!

The Journal of Arradon pt 1
Do not touch, I MEAN IT! TOUCH AND DIE!

Day One
We arrived in the city on the day before the start of the great festival. When I say ‘we’, I mean to say Stonebreaker and I. Stonebreaker is a massive war forged construct that I met on the way to the city. We had been traveling together for two weeks and had already beaten up some fools who thought to attack us. I am Arradon, an Elf from the city of Rest. (Hey, I didn’t name the place, humans can be so unoriginal) I didn’t grow up there, I fled to there after leaving my birth village, Lorethian Canopy, in the woods. I ran away from that hellhole because those crappy elves kept mocking me for my height. I stand at a stately five feet tall. I have the stature of kings, but they keeps insisting that I am ‘shorty’ or ‘tiny’ or ‘midget’ or ‘dwarf’. They were so unsophisticated.
Anyway, we arrived at the West Gate of the city of Iridia in a long line of traffic that was caused by a merchant stopped by the guards. His wagon blocked half of the gate, but people in rich expensive clothes still walked right past him and the guard he was arguing with. I also saw a Drow nearby. I don’t know what he was up to, but next to him stood a dog, with a Pixie riding on its neck. Weird.
The reason this is important is because the Pixie flew over to the merchant to help out. Seeing that Pixies are not an everyday occurrence, I decided to check it out. Stonebreaker went to see the guard and the merchant. I simply watched the Pixie. I also happened to notice a road leading off the main avenue and heading to the south. The merchants seemed to be using that road exclusively. This guy must not know about that route. The guard said something about using a south entrance and “your kind” not being allowed through the West Gate. Eventually, the merchant and Stoney started heading to the south. However, the Pixie went back to his dog. While the guard who harassed the merchant turned to me, the other guard held out his hand to stop the Pixie. The Pixie simply flew up and gave him a high-five, then strode through the gate atop his canine steed. Honestly, it was hilarious watching the guard see this. Then I turned and headed to the south.
Meeting up with other merchants on the way to the south gate, Stoney and I learned that there are three rules in the city for non-rich folks.
1 Stay in Traveller’s Inn
2 Trouble means getting thrown in the stocks
3 Trial would be on the fourth morning (which is after the spiders would attack)
Anyway, Stoney and I made it through the South Gate and found the inn. Innkeeper told us that it was 25 gold per night, and we would need to be reserved for all three nights. Only having 12 gold at the time, I decided to stall by saying I needed to take care of a few errands first. While leaving, I overheard two guys, a Tiefling and a Human, saying that the Lord Regent has the same name as the original Lord Regent, lives in the same house, and is only seen on the second day of the festival.
This led me to think that there may not be many servants or guards for the place, so I told Stoney we could get money for the hotel by breaking into the Lord Regent’s house. As we were discussing this, who should show up than the Pixie and his Drow friend. The Pixie introduced himself as Pinecone and insisted on helping with adventure. So I got saddled with two more people on this escapade. Whatever, more people to fight guards should I happen upon a guard. By the way, Stoney is way too keen on killing the spiders. Nothing else seems to come out of his mouth.
So we made our way to the central part of town. While Stoney and the Drow insisted that we were going in circles (it’s not my fault that there are three doors with the exact same kind of flowers in the exact same style of vase sitting on the stoop), I knew we were going in the right direction. Nevertheless, I scaled the wall to see where the central building was. (Okay, so maybe, MAYBE I SAY, I had gotten turned around, but I was not lost) I led us down the street to the East Street and saw so many guards that I was instantly aware that this was a bad idea.
The Drow mentioned that night was falling, so I had an excuse not to air my misgivings at my brilliant plan. We decided to return to the Inn. On the way, the Drow whispered a plan to me. He suggested that we get Pinecone to sing a song for the inn and while he entertained the group, I could pickpocket some of the tenants. I like this Drow, even if he is acting very suspicious around me and making everyone uncomfortable.
So I told Pinecone about the singing part of the plan. I don’t know if this Pixie can be trusted to keep his mouth shut if I tell him my intentions to steal purses and bags.
Arriving at the Inn, I introduced the innkeeper to Pinecone and convinced him that the Pixie could sing and entertain his guests. The innkeeper promised that if Pinecone could get everyone to applaud, then we could stay for free. I like this Pixie. He is useful.
So, I introduced Pinecone to the crowd, got everyone’s attention, and the little guy started the tale of Gnash the Orc. I hadn’t heard it before, but it was spectacularly heroic (for an Orc), bloody (of course), and full of adventure, ending in a gruesome death for the hero (who is an Orc let us not forget). Good times all around. Stoney even got into it and he got others to watch. Finally, when the tale was over, everyone, even the innkeeper, were applauding, and a lot of gold was being thrown onto the stage for Pinecone.
Or so I heard, I had to leave the inn partway through the story in order to relieve myself in the alley [nudge, nudge, wink, wink]
Okay, so I will tell you the truth. I didn’t do that. While he was applauding for Pinecone, I noticed that a Half-Orc had a bag of gold unattended on his table. It was just sitting there. How could I resist? I snatched it and bolted out of the inn. I took the 66 gold, and threw away the bag.
I then nonchalantly made my way back into the bar, where a nice fight had started between the Half-Orc and a Dragonborn. Stoney was even trying to get in on it.
Well, as much as I like the massive construct, I couldn’t have trouble. So I took aim with my crossbow and let a bolt fly.
It was only after the bolt narrowly missed his ear that I noticed the Innkeeper was already trying to break up the fight. Close call there. Anyway, he said that Pinecone had the room keys already and I decided to get to my room.
Spent the night with Stoney, and let me tell you, someone in that inn can snore. I could hardly sleep.

Day Two:
Woke up early today, BECAUSE IT IS THE FESTIVAL!! I have been waiting for this. I bolted out of the Inn after a quick breakfast and we went to the western hill overlooking the city.
As the sun rose over Iridia, the rainbows appeared. It is just too beautiful for words. Wait, something is happening.

The Amazing and inspiring and Exciting Tales of Pinecone, The Most Heroic and Courageous Pixie Ever! pt 1
The Bright City

The city of Iridia is HUGE! Like, it’s SO much bigger than I expected! I mean I knew it was big and impressive, but sparkling stars, it blew me away! I think I spent more time just staring and gawking than doing much of anything else. My new drow friend didn’t seem too impressed, and I don’t think Guath even noticed the rainbow-colored stone that the whole city was made of, but I just KEPT STARING. Mithrendain is much larger and more pretty, but it’s not made completely out of rainbow-colored stones!

After getting into the city and getting some food, Mr. Drow and Guath and I went toward the South Gate to find the inn. On the way we made friends with a really big statue man named Stonebreaker, and an elf man called Aradon. I like Stonebreaker. He’s interesting, and he’s real nice to Guath. The inn had really expensive rates, but Mr. Aradon had a good idea: since I’m a bard, what if I told a story to the crowd and the innkeeper let us stay for free? The innkeeper said "Only if more than half of the crowd actually claps for your fairy friend. Then maybe we’ll work something out. But good luck, most of this crowd had seen plenty; I don’t you’ll even keep their attention for more than a few seconds.
I did good! I told the story of Gnash the Orc and the Trap of the Unholy Image. That one was Mistletoe’s favorite. I got a STANDING OVATION! Not only did the innkeeper say we could all stay for free, but the crowd threw money to me, and I got about 75 gold pieces!

All in all, a good first day.


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