First Forays

Bitterstrike's Hoard
Treasure list

Most items are limited. Otherwise, grab and growl. Work inner party discussions on the forum.

All items are level 7-11 unless stated otherwise. Curses, if any, will be handed out at later moments decided by DM.

Circlet of portals, x1 [locates portal within one mile]
Shadow passage ritual
[Pixie] Fey passage ritual
Analyze portal ritual book
Ritual candle [Buffs skill check for ritual]

Warforged Only—-
Final messenger [Warforged]
Delvers light [Warforged]
Adamantine plating [Warforged, plate armor]
Spiked soles [Warforged]

Scintillating armor [Daily: Resist 5 vs some keywords]
Blackflock robe lvl 12 [reaction when struck: fly 8 and insubstantial]
Demonscale armor lvl 14 [scale armor]
Kemstone armor 4 to defenses vs Polymorph effects]
Marauders armor [
1 to AC when charging]
Shadow warlock armor [Creatures under your Warlock Curse grant CA]
[Pixie] Spiderweb robes lvl 13
[Aginor] Translocating armor lvl 19
Wall armor [Daily: enemy who charges you takes 1d6 and prone]

Blood drinker weapon [if you miss, it does 5dmg to YOU and +2d6 to your next target]
Demon slayer [demon you hit does not get variable resistance benefit]
Githyanki silver weapon [does Psychic damage. Daily: banish target, save ends]
Elemental bane [Daily: close burst 2, STR based attack, damage all, blinds elementals]
[Audrie?] Incisive dagger [buffs Portal ritual skill roll, and teleport powers]
Soul drinker weapon [Encounter: do +2d10 necrotic; if you don’t kill it, you take 2d12]
Songbow of lullabies [Daily: Slow, save ends; fail to save, immobilized, then sleep]
Songbow of summoning [Daily: allies near you or target can teleport to target]

Rod of first blood
Rod of pyre
Rod of obliterating wrath
Rod of devilry
Spider rod lvl 13

Staff of storms
[Pixie] Staff of fiery might
Staff of thunder wave
Staff of winter lvl 14
[Pixie] Staff of resilience

Orb of accuracy

Wand of icy Rays
[Pixie] Wand of shield
Wand of Ray of enfeeblement
Diamond wand
Masters wand of the phantom bolt

Item Slots—-
Boots of surging speed [When you Second Wind, shift 2]
Bracers of mighty striking lvl 12 [+damage on MBAs]
Shield of defiance [Daily: if you receive a crit, you can use a surge]
Boots of spider climb
Rogues gloves [bonus to Thievery]
Shadowfell gloves [Daily: change your next Arcane attack to Necrotic damage]
Disk of energy resistance [Neck +2, resist 5 vs one keyword]
[Pixie] Cincture of githzerai [belt, Daily: use Will instead of Fort]

Talenta Boomerang [must spend a feat to use it]
Acidic fire [Area burst 1, +13 vs REF, acid and fire damage]
Alchemists spark [Area burst 1, +11 vs Ref, 2d6 lightning damage]
[Pine] Clockwork bomb x2
Keen oil [Minor to apply, Until end of next turn, Crit on 19-20]
Spotted toadstool venom x2 [Standard to apply. Next hit, make an extra attack]
Tether cord [Target cannot move more than 3 from where it was hit, save ends]
Tension wheel [for crossbows]
Spider bolt [ammo for bow/crossbow]
Vagabonds die [Wondrous Item, has a Daily power with random effects]
Cask of liquid gold [refills with dwarven ale]
Flame heart totem [for Primal attacks]
Tattoo stone of bonded defense x4 [shift 1 toward another Bonded]
Alchemy gloves [buffs alchemical attacks]
Endless quiver [unlimited nonmagic ammo]

Cash Money—-
As much gold as you can carry [50gp = 1lb, 5000gp=100lb]

If there are any questions, ask. If two or more want the same thing, the item will be made public. Don’t solidify anything until I hear from everyone.


The cave proved to be the lair of the white dragon Bitterstrike, who was present with some of her vassals: Tigerclaw barbarians, drakes, and ice harpies, plus some form of ice elementals which spread across the floor to hamper invaders (such as the party).
As the vassals attacked, Arradon raced to the edge of the cavern, taunting the dragon and drawing her away from the party. Stoney and Mina followed him. Aginor challenged the vassals, and as they grouped to attack him, the pixie kindled a sphere of raging flame among them. The pixie followed that by creating an illusion of vast amounts of gold, over the real flames; the image of treasure was too much for Bitterstrike, who abandoned her fight against Arradon and Stoney and slithered over to the “hoard”. Axe and sword, arrow and spell, and the dragon and her retine were slain.
And then the earth shook, and part of the cavern floor rose until it was revealed as the head of an enormous hammer, twenty five feet wide. The Hammer of Moradin was lifted up, breaking through the cavern roof, until it stood high above the ruins, with its jewel ready to focus the light of Pelor onto the last temple.
The party took the time to plunder the dragon’s hoard of whatever things, magic or precious or merely gaudy, that caught their eye. The pixie conjured a show of fireworks to help celebrate their victory. And then they rested under the hammer, before continuing on their quest.

To the Dragon Cave

Upon passing through the South door, we found ourselves facing north, and outside among trees—possibly somewhere in the Feywild, although the pixie explained that this was not the Forest of Arden “because if it was there’d be lots more smoke and ash and stuff, and, not as many, um, actual trees, but I didn’t burn it all down, and besides a forest needs a fire every now and again, it clears the underbrush, so I was really helping.” Stonebreaker said that the trees seemed to be watching us. As we moved cautiously down the path to the East door, four sapling ents blocked Stoney and Audrie. The pixie sped back to them, introduced himself as a Sarifal feywarden, and claimed to have been sent by the Court of Stars on a mission to the temple of Corellon. The ents called for their leader, a giant ent named Frostbeard. Audrie took over the explanations, and Frostbeard allowed us to pass, after we promised to slay the dragon beyond the door.
The door led us back into a dwarfish cavern, with four square floor sections suspended over a pit, with a 20ft gap between each section. Arradon risked his life by climbing down the side of one floor section and slithering across the greased rail connecting it to the next floor. When he laid a hand on the second section, the mechanism activated, and guardians appeared: frost harpies and frost witches. As we attacked, the floor sections slid to new positions, nearly throwing Arradon into the abyss. He hastily scrambled up the side. As one of the harpies leapt from one section to another, Audrie intercepted it with Staffering Note, knocking it into the pit. Inspired, Stoney slammed another into the pit, while the pixie set them on fire before blasting them off with thunder. Aginor settled for hacking his foe down with his blades. The platforms stopped moving with most of the party still unableto get to the door due to the gaps between floor sections; however, while the part caught their breath and bandaged their wounds, the pixie drew a magic circle and summoned a floating disk, and used it to ferry the rest of the party.
Beyond the next door lay the white dragon Bitterstrike and her vassals.

To Moradin's Temple

Pine sought out the abbot of Pelor who was supposed to have been with the Stone for 500 years; this turned out to be Lord Sperling, who had been imprisoned by the Guard Captain. The nonhuman prisoners, now released from their cells, took up arms against the guards, and that kept the guards busy while Stoney and Mina barred the door and Audrie cast the portal ritual. With the gate open, Sperling carried the Pelor stone, Stoney carried Arradon’s body, and we all went through. Sperling returned the stone to its rightful place and it was shiny and sparkly and we all said “Huzzah!” Except Arradon, who was dead. And Audrie, who was reading the Raise Dead ritual over him. And the pixie, who was in the library happily studying ritual books—the only time anyone has seen him stay still that long. Audrie quickly joined the pixie in the library and the two of them spent hours studying with the monks. Once Aginor found out the pixie knew the ritual for Enchant Magic Item, he asked Firelord to enchant a protective necklace, promising a favor in return—a dangerous thing to promise a fey.
At dawn the next day, the light shone through the Stone, casting a beam west and upward—to a mountaintop, presumably, although one too far away to see. We gathered supplies and set off, with only the light to guide us through a wilderness. At last we came to a trail leading up a mountainside and past an old waypost for scouts or couriers. In the waypost was a man defending himself against a pack of ice drakes. The uncertain footing of snow and ice hampered most of the party, but the pixie flitted about easily, casting fire spells and finishing the wounded with lances of light. The stranger proved to be Audrie’s husband, who was on a mission from Fallcrest to investigate the beam of light. Once we explained the situation to him, he immediately—well, the next morning, after spending the night with his wife—set off back to Fallcrest, intending to raise an army to come help at Corellon’s temple.
The party continued to follow the light. The beam passed close over a mountaintop, and at the peak we found ruins of what seems to have once been the temple to Moradin. We found the hidden door and discovered how to open it—bring a warhammer to it to make it visible, then fit the hammer head into the keyhole).
Inside was a chamber, with a table bearing scraps of paper, each with the same riddle. Answering the riddle brough forth a pair of minotaurs; slaying them caused the west door to open and the message on all the scraps of paper to change to “WNSE”. We went west, into the next room, which had a maze of mirrors; going through the North mirror twice ported one into the next room. Again, there was a table with a riddle; solving the riddle brought forth four wind strikers, which attacked. We easily defeated them—Aginor slew one with a single attack—which opened the South door.

Up the Stairs

With Arradon and Stoney the only ones still fighting in the hall, things looked grim. One squad of guards barred the door to prevent Audrie, Hunger and the pixie from returning; others gathered around the fallen dwarf, while others closed in on Stoney and Arradon. But then Pine and Aginor reappeared in one door, while the pixie’s wizardry burst open the other door. Fighting a scattered and leaderless foe, the party quickly prevailed. They took a few minutes to catch their breath and bind their wounds, then scouted around until the found the tower stairs.
Up the stairs and into a room with the captain of the guard and his attendants, including two renegade drow. One of the drow started casting a ritual, only to be repeatedly shoved away by Audrie’s spells. Most of the rest of the foe were hemmed into half the room by Aginor’s magic. The party mopped up the guards remaining on their side, then pressed through the barrier to attack the Captain. Arradon, despite his injuries, engaged and mortally wounded the Captain, but fell to the Captain’s furious counterattack. Despite this loss, the party quickly finished off their enemies. The drow never got a chance to finish his ritual—and somewhere, the drider who had harried Arradon and Stonebreaker waits fruitlessly for word…

Blundering into Trouble

After we defeated the guards in the courtyard, we questioned the one that Mina had captured; he said that the Guard Captain had taken control of the city from the Lord Mayor and instituted a lot of changes in the guards procedures, When Mina mentioned Lolth, the pixie asked “Is that the same Lolth who used to be Araushnee? Because she’s a meany and I didn’t like her ever before she had the fight with Corellon”; Arradon pointed out that this implies that Aedhan is hundreds or thousands of years old (although he still acts like a three year old). Following that, the pixie had a short _woof_’ed conversation with Pine’s dog. Audrey clambered up on top of the wall and saw more troops massing for an attack. Pine ran off on his own to find the stairs leading up to the Pelor stone; Stonebreaker ran after him, and the rest of the party trailed after Stoney.
Pine found a room where more guards were waiting for us,—three squads, each of four grunts and a leader. He ran in and engaged the south squad. When Stoney arrived, he charged the middle squad. And when the rest of the party arrived, so did more guards—four sets of three, each set comprised of a Lolth-touched archer and two grunts, With the party outnumbered by more than 3:1, Aginor and Arradon went to help Pine with the south squad, Mina and Hunger engaged the middle, Audrey stopped to shoot at one of the archer teams, and the pixie knocked the north squad off their feet, then flew to attack the south.
The party members, separated and uncoordinated, quickly found themselves surrounded and in trouble. Pine left the fight and headed south, still looking for the way upstairs; Aginor, rather battered, followed him. Stoney and Arradon found themselves at bay in the southwest corner; Audrey and Hunger retreated from a mass of attackers in the north; Mina, alone and wounded in the center, fell to another squad.
Highlights: Hunger cast a spell which set a foe ablaze, with the fire spreading to other foes around him. Aedhan cast Visions of Avarice, and over a dozen of the enemy were drawn to the illusory treasure. Stoney saw Arradon under attack by three opponents; the warforged charged a guard and killed in him a single stroke. Audrey, surrounded, leapt into the air and flew away on wings of pixie dust. As the guards gathered at the north doorway to pursue Aedhan, Audrey and Hunger, the pixie cast Fire Shroud and slew four enemies in a burst of flame.

second excerpt from "Namina's Travels,"
in which a great hero is laid to rest


I spoke Berenger’s last rites today under the noonday sun. Many of the companions had words to say about him. A few had none. Though I did not know him for long, he was a noble hero and an efficient officer, and the world is poorer for his absence.

It seems Galinndann promised Berenger to return his sword to his home in the Fey realm in the event of his death. He has therefore set off on the next stage of his journey. As for me, the mission is not over, as we must still return the Sunstone to the Temple of Pelor. I pray for the blessing of the Lady of Change in our quest.

The Next Day

I dreamt last night of the Lady, and she gently admonished me. “It is not enough to command. If you would lead one to repent, show that one your hope. Demanding shows one nothing.”

In the dream, I was baffled at her words, and only upon waking did I recall that moment from the towertop chamber, when I had commanded Jaryn to repent, and the Lady’s power was absent from my voice. I thought deeply all through that day of the reason for this. Though the Lady Avandra is often worshipped as Goddess of Freedom, I have not often thought of this except for how “freedom” is what we dwarves have always fought to defend. Yet passages in Her scriptures say such things as, “It is better to die than to be forever caged,” and these have always baffled me. Is there not hope where there is life? Cannot ones own power, or ones Lady’s power, smash any cage? And yet… was my wish for Jaryn to repent nothing more than a clumsy cage? It seems he truly chose the path of darkness… Avandra teaches that we should allow each her or his path, and recognize that choice.

Though for a time She blessed this poor soldier, who barked out orders in her confusion, I do not think I shall feel that blessing again.


The fabled City of Iridia is as great as they claim, taking up an area larger, in expanse, than the largest of our caverns. I am sure that if one took the tunnels of our home as a whole, they would still be larger, but… it is a wonder to me how such great works of stone can be done on land, where the stone is not there for the chiseling but must be dragged like a shipment of metal from some distant mine. (I believe their word is “quarry.”)

We met a pale-looking human (?) by the name of Pine, who seems to be acquainted with Arradon. He seems to wish to join our quest, and as Talias too has now left, we are sorely in need of that help.

Berenger was always our leader, but he has departed. Does that mantle fall now upon me? Four are my seniors, but none of them seems inclined toward leadership. Audrie has her music to occupy her, Hunger his magic, and Arradon and Stonebreaker seem content as long as they may battle. I may yet request the honor of command, but I am reluctant, given the Lady of Change’s recent admonition to me. Perhaps this company may function without a leader? Though it is foreign to my experience, this city alone proves that the surface-worlders are capable of wondrous things.

On to Iridia

With the Lolthstone destroyed, the Pillar of Night smoking ruins, and the chitines fled, the party returned to the Tower of Pelor, where they found Talias’ mentor Aginor, an elvish scout, awaiting them, Galindann instructed them on eladrin rites, and so they buried Berenger under a tree with proper ceremony.
p. Talias had been employed by Berenger, but, with Berenger dead, he consulted with Aginor and then departed; in return, Aginor pledged his blades to the party’s mission. Galindann took Berenger’s ritual longsword and departed for Moonshaes, where there is a Feywild portal. The party—now six in number—then made preparations and passed through the portal to Iridia.
p. When Stonebreaker and Arradon had last been there, a couple of months before, the rooms off the portal chamber had been an art gallery; now they had become a prison, or zoo, intended to hold members of the non-human races. In one cage, Stoney found the blink dog belonging to the pixie skald Pinecone, but the dog’s master now appeared to be a sickly human. He claimed to have indeed been the pixie until the time of his death—the manner of which was unexplained—but had then made a pact to serve the Raven Queen and been returned to life as a revenant hexblade. Stonebreaker easily wrenched the bars apart and Pine, as he now called himself, joined the party.
p. Meanwhile, Audrie discovered a cage for a pixie—an actual pixie—who was imprisoned in a bottle. Arradon swiftly cut through the wire mesh and the enchanted bottle, releasing the pixie, who announced himself as “Fire Lord”, and then hailed Audrie as “Princess Pomegranate.” When pressed for his name, the little fey declined to answer—a precaution observed by some arcane practitioners, as well as fey folk and demons—but said that the last name anyone had called him was “irresponsible hyperactive pyromaniac, with the emphasis on Pyro and Maniac.” Audrie dubbed him “Aedhan”, which is Elvish for “Little Bringer of Flame”. The pixie tried to pry the top off Stoney’s head so he could ride inside, but when the warforged proved uncooperative, the pixie settled for riding on Audrie’s hat.
p. The party then started searching for a route to the tower’s peak, and the Pelor stone there. They made a wrong turning and wandered through the kitchen (where the staff was unhelpful), the guards’ refectory (where the guards were quickly routed) and a courtyard (where additional guards were wiped out). Mina observed a few of the guard leaders using powers ordinarily granted to drow by Lolth. Mina also made efforts to curb the fighting but with limited success; she did manage to take prisoner a couple of guards who would otherwise have been killed, although the prisoners refused to give any useful information. However, the party quickly figured out that “out into the courtyard” was not the same as “up to the top of the tower” and set about retracing their steps.

Journal of Arradon part Eleven
Back in the Racist Pit

So, we got back to the Temple of Pelor. We spent the rest of the day there so we could figure out what to do for Berenger and Audrie could prepare the gate to go to Iridia. Talias left us because Aginor, an elf from his order, came and told him that he had to report in. I am going to miss that guy. However, Aginor seems nice for an Elf. Also, Galindann decided that since he was entrusted with Galindann’s sword, he should take it back to the Feywild.
The monks showed me a few neat tricks that I can’t wait to use.
We ended up burying Berenger under a tree near the Temple. Hopefully, he will appreciate it.
Eventually, it was time to jump through the portal and go to Iridia.
When we arrived, I was surprised that the room had changed from art gallery into a prison. All of the caged people were non-human. I remembered what I did not like about the city when we arrived. These humans are racists of the worst kind. While Aginor and Audrie investigated a large cage, Stoney and I found Guath, Pinecone’s dog. The man in the cage claimed that he used to be Pinecone, but is now known as Pine. I don’t know that I trust him, but he says that he was sent back by the Rabbit Queen in order to complete a mission, and he honestly believes what he says. If he helps us, that is great; if not, then we’ll get rid of him. Stoney broke Pine and Guath out of their cage. I decided to help Aginor and Audrie with their cage. I don’t know why they didn’t just slash through it themselves, but I did.
Yeah, that was stupid. I hit a jar inside the cage and was thrown back.
Hunger grabbed the jar and opened it.
Out came a pixie who claimed to be a firelord. An energetic little pyromaniac who has the attention span of a nothing. This is going to be interesting. I mean he exclaimed “Princess Pomegranate when he/she/whatever saw Audrie.
And so, we started on our way to find the stone of Pelor.
I led the way through some corridors and came across a kitchen where several servants worked at cooking. Aginor decided to try and fit in with the servants working. It did not work. They all just stopped and looked at him. It got worse when Hunger tried to do the same thing. Stoney decided that he would demand the money that Lord Whatshisname owes us. The servants claimed not to know where the master was. We did not really know what to do with that. So, we moved on.
We found a bunch of soldier eating. I gave them the chance to surrender and not fight. Unfortunately, Pine decided to start the fight with the soldiers. We won the fight, but Mina did not like the fight. She saved the captain, “questioned” him, and I was able to steal some more silverware.
When we went through the next corridor, we found a larger group of soldiers in a courtyard. This time, I stayed out of the fight for the most part. I listened through the door as the others took down several of the soldiers.
When I joined the fight, my first two shots with my bow failed, and that’s okay. Because when the archers decided to run, I was able to tag the last one with my knife across the courtyard.
Now, we just need to find the stone of Pelor.

Little Bringer of Fire

Bored bored bored Hey someone knocked my bottle over, spin the bottle wheeee! Bottle broke that’s not my fault, there’s a nervous tiefling and a low elf with a sword and there’s a cute half elf PRINCESS POMEGRANATE! and she has a HAT! I’m going to ride on her hat. Oh! There’s a golem man I wonder if his head is empty like that other one and I can ride inside and go zap zap that was fun. Stupid head top doesn’t come off, pretty sure it’s hollow but this one is not a helpful biggun. Back to the Princess. I like this hat. They promised me whiskey but that’s not whiskey, that’s peat water, I wouldn’t feed that to my pigs, you know why, because I don’t have any pigs ha ha ha! There were some BadMen but I went Flash BOOM and knocked them all over because I am Fire Lord and I think this hat is felt and I like it it’s snuggly. I am awesome like that and they didn’t hurted Princess at all. Oh look here’s a pixie fullblade I want to try that, slash slash! I’m bored. I’m going to ride on Princess’s shoulder she wants me to keep it a secret that she’s a princess so I’m not going to tell anybody. There’s some more BadMen but BOOM I knock them down what a good trick! And there were some more on a balcony but I flew up because I can fly and I’m beautiful and mighty and I gave them another boom and they all fell down, that was so funny! Where’s my hat? Let’s go set something on fire!


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