First Forays


We defeated a beholder and its minions, and found in the remains an arcane orb. We believe the sphere contains a void prison, although we could not tell what sort of creature or spirit might be contained therein. Aginor decided to carry the orb with him.

There were two openings to the beholder chamber, and no sign as to which might lead to the Eye. To the west, we felt an area depleted of mana; to the northeast, there were traces of some great conjuration. We followed the canyon northeast for two hours, and found that it opened onto a broad plain, covered with fog, where ghostly armies fought. The pixie flew above the mist and reported that an hour’s march away was a black keep. Its banner was that of Volkare, a general from a few hundred years ago, who had waged unceasing war against the undead until he himself was turned by a master vampire. The ghostly battle around us was a replaying of Volkare’s forces being surrounded and crushed by Orcus’s warriors led by the vampire lord. We surmised that Orcus had summoned Volkare’s keep as a trophy, and kept repeating the battle to torment the general who had so long opposed him. We marched to the keep. The shades of Volkare’s men were at the battlements, but the gates had decayed and fallen in the centuries. We announced ourselves and entered.

Inside was a great hall with ghosts at the tables. The pixie darted to the high table, poured whiskey into a goblet there and raised it to Volkare; the shades answered, and a spirit captain whispered “Vokare abides” before he dissipated. From the great hall, we found a kitchen, a chamber where the maps and documents from Volkare’s last campaign were laid out, and a treasury with some few coins and gems. We found the stairs also, and went up to find a barracks room above the hall. As we came in from below, two feral ogre vampires came down from above. Donnar kept one in play; the other dodged past and attacked Audrie and the pixie before Aginor could intercept it. Despite our wounds, we put both the undead ogres down quickly, with fire and steel. Not taking time to catch our breath, we hurried up to the top of the keep, where we found more vampires awaiting us.


We pushed forward into the dimly lit canyon, careful not to tread on the partially buried corpses that littered the ground, until we saw two Deranged Champions ahead. Donarr and Aginor charged, and the rest followed. As we engaged them, some of the bodies started to crawl out of the ground and attack us.
The pixie usually stays back a few yards from the enemy, but this time he warded himself with flame and moved in close, setting many of the foe alight. Several of the zombies even destroyed themselves by trying to hit him. However, his aggressive tactics come at a risk, and two of the Champions swatted him severely. In addition, one of the enemy carried tha Mummy Rot disease, and the pixie was exposed to it, as were Audrie and Donarr. Fortune was with us, however, and none of the three took ill.

The City of Brass

We went by portal to the City of Brass, thence to the Library. The Loremaster there was an ifrit who spoke Primordial, a language which only Audrie among us could understand. She made a few verbal missteps, but the Loremaster did show us the book the other Aedhan (henceforth TOA) had studied, which was on the Dawn War and the Primordials. There was an attack on the city, which the Loremaster went off to deal with; apparently it was TOA attacking the fire archon forge under the city, where there was another fire primordial eye. TOA took control of a couple dozen archons—controlling an eye lets you control the associated archons—and departed unscathed. Controlling an eye also means that primordial gets a chance, every day, to possess you; and every day of being possessed makes it harder and harder to resist.
When the Loremaster returned, he announced that Audrie hadn’t told him the truth (she’d said the rest were her servants); he used a Plot Device to mark our hands with his house symbol, and he ordered us to bring him TOA—preferably all of him, alive, but at least his eyes. This infuriated the paladin (who is Lawful Good, and didn’t take well to being in service to an evil primordial) and the pixie (who is Chaotic, and didn’t take well to being in service to anybody), The Loremaster then gave us a book, which had portal coordinates for the last recorded location of the various Eyes, and pictures showing their locations, which weren’t necessarily the same as “the last recorded.” After a visit to the Bazaar to shop for magic items and convert any remaining gold to residuum, we were glad to leave the City of Brass.
There were twelve Primordials: fire, earth, cold, air, lightning, acid, force, necrotic, poison, psychic, radiant, and thunder. TOA already had the Eyes for fire and earth, and we knew, from Aedhan, that he was planning on the ice archon forge next. Donarr was in favor of going straight there and confronting TOA immediately; however, it was pointed out that TOA had a head start and would probably be gone before we got there; further, he also had a few dozen fire archons with him. It turned out that the stone of Pelor that had been in Iridia was one of the radiant Eyes; and the stone from the chitine tower had been one of the poison eyes, until we destroyed it with Pelor’s stone. We went back to the tower of Pelor, and warned the monks of TOA’s plans to gather all the Eyes. They felt confident that Pelor would protect the tower, and we had no desire to try to take the Eye by force, so we left it there and hoped for the best. Miggins came up with the idea of going to Thanatos to try for one of the necrotic Eyes, on the grounds that none of us would have moral questions about taking that Eye and dispatching any guardians in the way. Donarr muttered “I don’t have moral questions, I have moral certainties!” but no one dissented, and so we got the portal runes from the Loremaster’s book and went.
We stepped through the portal into a dim and gloomy canyon, guarded by a dozen undead—a death knight, a few vicera devourers, and shades. Donarr charged in and got their attention, and the rest of us quickly destroyed them.

Gate of the Earth

The next morning, Miggins brewed a draught which he shared with us all; the effect was that, for a day after drinking it, it caused each of us to be aware of any injuries or illness suffered by any of the others. Thus we learned that Aginor, Audrie and the pixie were afflicted by a curse or corruption of some sort, although we could not tell the source or effect. Was it laid on us when we took Bitterstrike’s treasure? Could it have been the work of the high priest of Corellon? Did it come from something in the Shadowfell? When we get back to civilization, we must investigate and try to remove it.
We went through the portal and found ourselves in the Elemental Chaos near the ifriti City of Brass. Fire elementals, hell bats and hellhounds were guarding the other side, but we fought our way through them. The pixie’s fire magic caused flames to linger for several seconds, instead of immediately dissipating as it used to; that is due, he says, to his study and greater understanding of the arcane arts, and not any corruption or influence from his alter ego.
We climbed the rocky corpse of the dead primordial, past magma beasts and hell trees, to the titanic head. A fire archon, summoned by the other Aedhan, waited with his retinue of magma striders and incindiary vilifiers. Our pixie tried to bluff the archon into standing aside but it knew that our Aedhan was not his Aedhan, so we joined battle. Donarr held the archon while the rest of the party dealt with the lesser foes; then we surrounded the archon and kept pounding away until we extinguished it. The pixie examined the primordial’s empty eye sockets, and found an ever-filled flask of excellent whiskey. He also determined that the other Aedhan had taken one of the eyes – an earth gem, like the fire gem he already had, Is the other Aedhan also seeking gems of air and water? What is his goal? We decided to rest and recover before going back to the mortal realm, in hopes that the pixie’s dreams might guide us to the next gate.

Trail of Ashes

We set off from the Tigerclaw village, following the trail left by Alternate Aedhan—a trail of scorched ground and burned trees. “What kind of trees are these? No Nature roll required, they’re all ashes.” The trail turned west. into the mountains, and led to a cave which had once had a dragonborn village. Now the huts and nests were nothing but rings of charcoal, surrounded by charred bodies. The walls of the cave were still hot. Miggins patted the wall “For Science!” and confirmed that it was, in fact, burning hot.
Our paladin Donarr, himself a dragonborn (except to Aedhan, who persists in referring to him as “my war butterfly”), moved forward and found flaming zombies and a demon, obviously there to delay any pursuers. They were vulnerable to radiant damage, though, and the paladin hewed them down with his glowing blade. A few minutes later, more demons—headless armored bears, crabs with tridents, and a giant mosquito. Aedhan destroyed the bears with one well-placed spell; Donarr pursued the chasme (mosquito); and Aginor and Audrie dealt with the mezzoloths (crabs). One of the chasme’s spells knocked Aedhan unconscious; when he awoke, he told of a vision spilling over from Alternate Aedhan’s mind—the alternate was evil and enraged, and heading for a portal to the Elemental Chaos.
We continued along the trail, which led straight to the portal. Guarding it was a four-headed hydra demon. Audrey circled right, Aedhan summoned a hellhound and circled left, Aginor and Donarr charged. We gradually wore it down, but took damage in return—until Donarr held up his holy symbol and roared a challenge. The demon turned all seven heads against the dragonborn, and wounded him but did not shake him. Enraged, the demon attacked Tempus’ champion again and again, but Donarr’s armor, aided by Audrey’s spells, were proof again the beast’s fangs. Meanwhile Aginor’s blades scored the thing’s flanks and the hellhound’s breath scorched it, until it fell.
We rested in a side cave and prepared to open the portal.


At Shadowfell, we took on a human portal master hight Geoff, and his assistant, a gnomish tinker called Miggins. We ship sailed to the City of Doors. Mina took Stonebreaker’s sigil-piece (which we now call Melora’s Mask) and departed on some errand of her own. A satyr, Kotos, came aboard—he had once instructed Aedhan in the arts of magecraft, and knew Faeneth and Geoff. Our company was complete, and so we left port, bound for the realm of Water.
As we sailed, Aginor reconciled with Audrie by swearing fealty to her. Later on, Kotos questioned Aedhan, and announced that the two had, four years before, gone questing to recover an elemental gem of flame. The pixie had seized it; but the Aedhan with the party had heeded the satyr’s warning and resisted temptation. The conclusion: the two Aedhans are from parallel time streams, and appear to have crossed by going through the three-way portal between Mortal Realm, Shadowfell and Feywild. The other Aedhan took the gem to his home village and started the Ever Burning Fire—apparently travelling through time again, since the fire was said to have started several hundred years ago.
Sailing on the astral sea, we were attacked by githyanki pirates, aided by a dragonrider. Aginor, though a lubber, did his best to handle sails; Miggins used his magecraft to speed the ship; Audrie at the masthead wielded her bow against the dragon; and the pixie on the bowsprit* used illusions to distract and dishearten the raiders. We sheared away from the ram, and the pixie cast a spell to push the pirate helmsman and quartermaster into the astral sea. While the raider was in confusion due to the casualties on the quarterdeck, we shook out our sails and outraced them. Safely away, we found a ribbon of blue light and rode it to the dominion of Water.
Once there, Geoff readied himself to open a portal between the Water and the Feywild, while we debated the most efficacious placement and manner of placing the portal. We decided to locate it over Aedhan’s home village, the heart of the fire. As the water poured through, great clouds of smoke and steam billowed up. Tentacles of living flame reached through the portal and flailed at the ship, but Aedhan flew before the ship and warded it**. A giant sea monster came up behind us, but before it could engulf the ship, Faeneth took the helm and we shot through into the air of the Feywild, and the portal closed behind.* * * The elemental water raced over the land, flooding it, but also quenching the Ever Burning Fire. Donarr’s plan had worked; the Feywild was saved.
We returned to the Tower of Frozen Tears. The Prince of Frost and Falana, Exalted of the Raven Queen, told us that we were to leave the matter of Lolth’s incursion, and Eripeiros’ corruption, to others; we were to pursue the other Aedhan, who had gone through the triple portal into the Mortal Realm, presumably seeking the elemental gem in that parallel timeline.
Geoff accompanied the party back to Cendriane and, after a pause for Aginor to dispatch a beholder, Geoff opened the triple portal and the party passed through. We came into the Mortal Realm to find the Tigerclaw barbarians, all garbed as priests of Avandra, praying at the gate. Apparently, Mina had made quite an impression when we had first come through…The leader welcomed the heroes back, but said “You, pixie, you had already come back.”
Aedhan replied, “Yes, we’re chasing me. When was I here?”
The Tigerclaw said “You were here about ten days ago.”
Aedhan: “Did I say what I wanted?”
Tigerclaw: “You said it was too long a story to tell.”
Aedhan: “Where was I going?”
Tigerclaw: “You went south”; Fallcrest lies to the south.
Aedhan: “Thank you. We will spend the night with you, but then we must try to catch me and stop me.”
And so we stayed in Tigerclaw village until the next morning.


  • while muttering “I am…king of the flame. No, that’s not quite right. I am….lord of the world? No…”
    • Aedhan’s efforts at warding the ship were greatly aided by Avandra, Goddess of The DM Being Unable To Roll Higher Than 4 To Hit.
      • Missing the opportunity to have the sea monster come through the portal, drop into the ever burning flame, and become the World’s Largest Fish Fry.
Betrayal and Death

Mina advanced into the spider chamber and demanded of the air “Where is Stonebreaker?” A voice answered out of darkness, and shadar-kai poured out the shadows and attacked. Zombies arose in the room we had just left. Aginor and Mina managed to hold the shadar-kai, while the pixie’s fire ignited the undead behind us, and Audrey was busy with bow and spell. Then zombie hulks appeared to the sides, and a dragon came down on the spider symbol. The dragon was Nightshade, leader of the Gloomrot gang called the Poison Shadows; the spider on the floor was their symbol. The dragon threw down the part of Stonebreaker’s mask that had the mark of Melora, and taunted us, saying there was nothing left but that, and it was more than would be left of us. Aginor darted forward and caught up the metal shard before the dragon’s breath washed us all with acid. We retreated; the pixie’s flame and Aginor’s blade tore a path through the zombies, and we ran to the exit and up to the street.
We raced through the city streets towards the docks, with the dragon following. Ahead of us appeared Immeral, with an oily grin and half a dozen henchmen. Mina, ever hopeful, simply ran past him, but Immeral attacked, and the two parties joined battle with the dragon watching in amusement. One of the thugs swung at Mina, then asked “Is this the ‘little one’ we’re supposed to get?” The pixie, realizing that he was the target of the ambush, flew up to the rooftops; two of the attackers turned out to be cambions, and they flew after him. The pixie dove through a window and immediately hid. The demonborn pursuers crashed through the room, into the hallway and kept going, oblivious and out of the fight.
Meanwhile, the street was bloody. Aginor felled Immeral, and delivered the extra strokes to finish him, while holding off zombies on the other side. One of the thugs turned into a giant python and ensnared Mina, who struggled helplessly to escape the crushing coils. Audrie held off her own opponents and cast healing magic. And then the dragon ambled up and sprayed acid across the battle. Aginor, already exhausted, calculated the odds of taking Nightshade, then fled. Mina collapsed unconscious in the serpent’s grasp. Audrie, backed into a corner, fired desperately at point blank range, killing the undead who pressed her, Dizzy from blood loss, her magic expended, she looked down the street at the oncoming dragon and despaired….when suddenly there was a burst of powerful sorcery. Faeneth and her retinue had appeared. Nightshade abruptly realized she was in serious danger, and hastily flew away. Faeneth’s people rescued Mina and took Immeral’s body, and we all returned to the ship.
Later, after the explanations and bandaging and rest, Aedhan put Stoney’s mask in the magic circle and began the Raise Dead ritual—and then stopped. “This”, he said, “is not part of a body any more. It’s been imbued with magic, and a good person can draw on Melora’s power through it, but it has no connection to a soul. We can’t bring Stonebreaker back, not with this. Going down into the sewers to find this, challenging the dragon, nearly dying—it was all a fool’s errand.”
Mina took it aside to cast her own divine rituals of divination. Audrie and Aginor argued.

Fey Team in Shadow

We boarded the planar ship, with Faeneth as captain and about a dozen crew, and departed the realm of Winter. Our first port of call was the Shadowfell, where Faeneth said we’d be picking up someone vital to the mission, although she didn’t say who or why. As we neared the port, a mechanical bird appeared and landed on Mina. The creature—a Final Messenger construct that Stoney had taken from Bitterstrike’s hoard—reported that Stoney was dead, and it showed an image of his last sight: engulfed by a gelatinous cube with Arradon jumping into the cube and Hunger backing hastily away. Mina determined to investigate their fate. As we reached the Gloomrot docks, Faeneth agreed to give two hours shore leave before the ship took on its new passenger and departed.
The party was guided to a deserted building with an opening to the sewers; there they dispatched an oni, shadar-kai, and gelatinous cube, possibly the same who had slain Stonebreaker. Plunging deeper into the underground passages, they found more shadar-kai; Aginor’s blades drove them back. A shadow witch and her guards came out of the darkness to reinforce the shadar-kai, but the pixie trapped them in a circle of flame and they died. The blaze also scorched Princess Pomegranate, albeit not too severely; the pixie was very apologetic about that, although he was also heard to mutter “If you didn’t stand next to my targets…”
The party rushed through the door and attacked the zombie hulks and tieflings they found, then the halfling archers who joined the fray. Mina seized one halfling and asked where its commander was, but before it could answer, Immeral shot it in the eye. Then a lurker attacked from the darkness, and its blades took their toll on the pixie and Aginor. Immeral rushed to the creature, shouting a demand to surrender; it faded away. Immeral then turned and charged the pixie, who flung a handful of magic dust at him and flung him back. The pixie fled to take cover behind Aginor. Mina and Audrie advanced on Immeral, weapons at the ready; the eladrin fled, and the party was left with no explanation for his actions. They kept a watchful eye behind them, and prepared to enter the next room, where a great spider sigil was set into the floor.

The Maze (part Two)

[This log is divided into multiple parts in order to reflect the various adventures had by the separated members]

Jinne’s POV:
We continued our way through the maze hoping to find a way out. I still do not trust any of these people, but the Shade seems to have a good head on, while the Tieflings simply think that they can stick together.
I wonder how difficult it would be to kill them and just be done with this.
In order to get a better understanding of this maze, we decided to split up and find out what we could about the markings I have just noticed are found above every door. I went off and the Shade followed me. That means that the conversation was good. He doesn’t talk as much as “Hunger”.
We went through five rooms that were empty and exactly the same, although we did notice that each room showed a new set of symbols, with only the door we used sharing a symbol between the rooms. Morgen, the Shade, noticed that the symbols seemed to be a number system that we continually counting up.
When we entered the sixth room, we found a trap. I barely evaded a snapping trap. Morgen, though, got caught. We tried to break him out, but the trap kept digging into his leg. Thankfully, he did not lose a limb and we escaped the room.
The next room was also trapped. This time we found a Deathmold trap that nearly killed me. Thankfully, I regained my wits and was able to lead us to a new room.
There we found Leucis and Hunger. Great.
They accused us of being behind some sort of attack that they faced. I don’t know what they’re talking about. If I had attacked them, there were be two bodies and I would be finding a way back to my job.
Maybe someone is willing to pay for Tiefling horns.
We continued on our way, and found a room with a little girl sitting in the center.
I immediately became insubstantial. I am not going to die from whatever this little girl turns out to be.
Morgen struck up a conversation with the girl and she was able to lead us through some rooms with no traps.
So far, so good.
Then she entered a room and stopped in the middle rather than progressing to a door.
The girl says that the sigils over the doors in this room mean that if we touch any of the doors then monsters will appear.
I took a place in a corner as the others found “cover”. Then Morgen touched a door.
Four flaming skulls appears, and attacked the others.
I hid, seeing no reason to risk my neck yet.
As they fought, I noticed that the skulls were not as bad as they seemed, so I joined in the fray.
At that moment, Hunger announced that the girl was behind the whole thing and that we should kill her.
And that’s what Leucis did.
When the girl died, the skulls and the maze room disappeared. We found ourselves in a house with some bodies in the corner, and the girl’s body lying in the middle of the room. Leucis shuddered, muttering something about her being innocent. Oh well. That sucks.
He insisted on burying the girl and her parents while Morgen sat in the corner making noises for several minutes.
When Hunger was away for a minute, Morgen said that Hunger was responsible for the whole maze affair.

While Morgen and Jinne were separated from Leucis and Hunger, the two Tieflings made their way through several rooms, coming to the same conclusion that Jinne and Morgen did, except they did not realize the numerical system. In their sixth room, Leucis and Hunger encounted a rogue and a war-forged who proceeded to attack them, nearly killing Hunger. Leucis is unaware of their identities, but Hunger recognized Stonebreaker and Arradon.

The Maze

Four people woke up in the first room. Me and three others.
I have no idea who they are at first.
One is a Tiefling magic user that won’t shut up.
One is a Tiefling who refuses to speak.
One is a very pale looking human who won’t stop arguing with the Tiefling.
I make sure that I still look like an elf. I don’t want these guys any more willing to kill me than they already are.
The fighting continues, then introductions are made. I tell them that my name is Jinne and nothing else. I don’t know that I trust anyone in this room.

We start trying the doors. There are fours doors, one in the middle of each wall. That is when the wierd stuff starts happening.
It seems that when one door is open, all the others are locked. Then if you go through a door, there is no guarantee that the door will go to the same room twice. The Shade went through a door, then we closed it and opened it again, only to see an empty room. Then when we closed it and opened it again, he was right there.
Also, if you try to go in a “circle”, there is no telling where you will end up. We tried, and the mouthy Tiefling left a gold piece in the first room. We went West, then South, then East, then North (or something like that I have no idea what direction is what). We should have ended in the first room with the gold piece on the floor, but the room was empty.
The mouthy one decided that he wanted to blast one of the doors and see if that would give us a way out. He did it, and the shade go hurt. Great, we’re screwed.
Then, quiet Tiefling decides that we should just choose a direction and keep going through that door in each room. An interesting idea.
After about two or three rooms, though, I have had enough of the pointless exercise.
I make my own path.
Great, the idiots did not follow me and just kept going.
F*** ’em.
After I make my way through a bunch of rooms, I decided to just sit and wait. Whatever put me here should show up eventually, and then, something will die.
Then, I heard a commotion through one of the doors.
I flung open the door to see a pitched fight between the three idiots and some creatures. I jump in to help them.
If the maze has put us back together then perhaps we have to help each other to escape. Then when we are clear, I will decide whether or not to kill the three of them.
We dispatched the three monsters with little effort on my part.
Then the talking started again.
All I wanted to know was what made this room special. Someone pointed at a door.
We were surrounded by three ogres.
They died, but not easily.

I am definitely going to have to get away from these idiots.


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