First Forays

Releasing Volkare

Capsule summary:
Fight 1: Vampires retreat behind magic barrier. Hallway with rooms to each side. Lots of minions generated by talismans in armor suits, plus a couple of animated knights and a shadow vampire. Pixie clears the minions, everyone else hammers the main monsters. Knocking over the armor racks turns off that minion generator.
Puzzle: figure out how to get through the barrier. Undead can go through (the vampires did) so there is discussion about killing Miggins, on the theory that he will immediately reanimate and can then go through, This comes to blows between Donarr (the “aye” vote) and Aginor (who is in favor of it but is preventing it out of loyalty to Audrie), The question arises “How much xp do I get for killing a player character?”
Meanwhile Miggins tries to blow himself up with a clockwork bomb, and keeps building more bombs when the first one proves not to be powerful enough.
Pixie retrieves the spirit of the captain from the great hall, and summons him into one of the minion-generator armor suits, using the associated talisman. The ghost-in-a-shell can go through, and uses the last of the gnome’s bombs to destroy the ritual book maintaining the barrier.
Fight 2: In a small room, with the master and two junior vampires plus the shadow vampire. The pixie manages to cast his AoEs without actually hurting any allies, and decides to have another discussion about “stay out of target areas.” Once the master is killed, the other vampires fall to dust; Donarr, although prone, gets in the last blow.
Volkare is released and tells us how to get to the next Eye stone; it’s in the palace of Orcus.


MrG33kboy Runehorn

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